The dilemma of a well-dressed thrift-shopper:

1A) it was an excellent shade of rust-brown

1B) it wasn't real Harris (proper Scots tweed is both coarse and fine simultaneously; this imitation was neither)

2A) it fit comfortably in the arms

2B) it was extra-Large in the chest

3A) it had gorgeous suede trim (including the preemptive elbow patches)

3B) I already have a tweed jacket (sans elbow patches...) which fits perfectly

The resolution is simple: keep wearing the good, well-fitting tweed you already own until it needs elbow patches. (No, it will never stop being the colour of mulch... but if you don't want to blend in with the compost, it's probably best if you stay away from tweed altogether.)

(Solution B: wander over to the books and find an immaculate, limited-hardcover-edition of _Name of the Rose_ for $3.99...)

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