Tuesday is better than Monday

The worst thing about Monday was discovering that Cargo & James is now missing from Whyte Ave. How did I not hear about this? Who decided that they were allowed to close? Losing the Sherwood Park mall location was bad, but this is a terrible sign. Where will I find real "Monk's Blend" now?
I'll miss thee, C&J Tea. Thou are lost, but n'er forgotten.

Life is supremely unfair.

On the flip side, I spent less time today installing a repair part in my car than I did haggling over the price with the scrapyard cashier. That's always a sign of... well, of something.

And after a pretty fantastic weekend, which involved watching a sunset and drinking extra-dark-amaretto-hot-chocolate, I'd say (despite the certain fact of unfairness) I really have little to complain about.
That, dear reader, is a sign of hope.
(I think... Still not sure if I can call it hope. Which is a sign that not much has changed.)


Anonymous said...

Alas - no more Cargo & James. Though, I only was there about two or maybe three times. Once was memorably travelling there after a King's Christmas banquet in a car that spoke ("door ajar" "gas getting low" etc. Very exciting. We could chose between a male voice, female voice or bird sounds, I think). So I'll be a bit sad as it does have happy memories. And it had good hot chocolate. What is Monk's Blend exactly, and is this a specific brand? Vancouver has a gazillion tea places (or at least two that I've been in the past two weeks that sell loose leaf tea. That's enough to count as a 'gazillion' for me) so I could keep an eye open for a specific brand if you're really picky.

techne said...

lisa always goes to acquired tastes (across from MEC). if they don't have what you want, there are several tea places around here...