In Nomine Absurdo

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A Church by Any Other Name ... | Out of Ur

Some of my favourites:

  • Revolution (Where only senior pastors get beheaded.)
  • enCompass (Wii th-|-nk [outside] the box. We R crAtiVe.)
  • Generation (which one? X? Y? Pepsi? I’m confused.)
  • Relevant (Your name is writing checks the preacher may not be able to cash.)
  • Harbor 316 (God so loved the world ... that whoever believes in him might have a 30’ boat and reduced fee slip.)
  • True North (not like all those North wannabes)
  • A Village Community (Ambiguity is the best way to avoid controversy.)
  • Substance (Come for the substance, leave with the residue.)
  • New Life (Same baggage.)
  • The Cause (Because our marketing consultant told us 20-somethings are activists.)
  • NorthPointe (Adding an “e” tells everyone we’re sophisticated. We drink lattes.)
  • The Intersection (Where sermons can crash and burn.)
  • Element 3 (Lithium. We worship Lithium.)
  • EpicLife Church (The space bar is for losers.)
  • Liquid (Where the meat of the Word is processed and blended into delicious and nutritious shakes for the busy consumer Christian on the go.)

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