You know you're addicted to chocolate chip cookies when you don't bother stocking up on milk before you bake a batch. (And it's the second batch of the day...)

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Anonymous said...

You should make bigger batches - then you can leave some of the dough in unbaked state, and bake fresh ones whenever you have a hankering, without having to go through the gathering-ingredients-mixing stage :)

Also, make Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies instead of regular ones - oatmeal is healthy, so then it's good to eat. A little whole wheat flour also is completely hidden and adds to the 'oh these are healthy, so I can eat more without guilt' factor. If you add walnuts or other strange protein rich things, then it's practically a meal!


Shell-Bell said...

Oh don't encourage his addiction. Its already bad enough. Sometimes the only way we can get him to come over is to offer cookies ;) (O.k. that's not true anymore he comes for the baby now.) :D