Ode to a phone/withdrawl

The warmth of your touch
against my right thigh
a constant companion
for more than ten years.

I reach to my pocket
and check one more time--
I'm sure you're here somewhere...
how could you be gone?

oh how I'll miss you,
last phone with real buttons
that's made by Koreans
my black book, and watch.

I can't even post
a lost and found ad
on craigslist without
a stupid cell phone.

The subtle vibration
and deft calculation--
who will remind me
of all my appontments?

The notes I had written
and neglected to copy...
What if those ideas
had become something more?

But mostly I'll wonder
as I sleeplessly turn:
"that message I sent...
what if she responds?"

1 comment:

naomi said...

Yeah wow I can't imagine where I would be if mine went awol... especially now, I love everything about my phone. Many condolences for your loss... and that response you will never know about ;)