Guess-That-Song, Bizarro Tuesday style

Walking out of Superstore this morning, I heard someone behind me sing this word in more-or-less the right key, with a bit of a (if I'm not mistaken) Korean accent:

Not the line, not the measure, just that one word.
I had a bit of a "Cylon moment" as I recalled listening to the very same song earlier that morning. (Isn't confirmation bias wonderful?)

I'll buy a cup of coffee for the first person to comment with the correct song title.

(To make it a little bit more difficult I mixed a second artist's cover of the song into the clip. A bottle of home-made Irish cream to the mind-reader who can figure out who that second artist is, and which album the cover appears on.)

1 comment:

Jack said...

Chris Arel answered via Facebook... but I suppose it wasn't a very difficult guess-that-song anyway.

The Irish Cream is still unclaimed, though...