How to Save Your Pets

If you're like many of the dispensationalist Christians in the world today, you've probably thought about the possibility of a "rapture event" that would leave the world without Christians.

Eternal Earthbound Pets would like you to consider what would happen to all of the pets who are left behind.

(Yes, they're serious.)

The organization is based on the assumption that, given a world without Christians, Atheists will be required to pick up the slack. Christians contract the organization to rescue their pets in case of a rapture event; the contract is good for 10 years, and is transferable to new owners in case of death.

I've got very different views on dispensationalism than I had when I was a young Pentecostal, but I'm still intrigued by the idea of apocalyptic events like the Rapture. The outlook of this organization puzzles me: they seem to care about pets, and to take the whole matter quite seriously, but they don't quite take the tone of an insurance agency. Insurance agencies know that clients will require coverage; the people with Eternal Earthbound Pets have all decided that the possibility of a Rapture event is unquestionably zero. Thus, they're taking money for a service they believe they'll never have to render.

I wonder if there are similar contracts available for things like alien abduction. I wonder if alien-abduction "believers" are as adamant about their "beliefs" as dispensationalists are.

(Thanks to Julie for the link.)


Anonymous said...

"Thus, they're taking money for a service they believe they'll never have to render."

Arguably, this is the very model of providing insurance that U.S. health insurance companies are striving for. So it may not be that unprecedented. ;)

naomi said...

hahahaha I love it. Putting faith out there, really believing... except seems slightly misguided in another way to me. I am not so worried about the fact that people are paying money for something the insurance people believe is impossible, I am concerned that the focus is on taking advantage of those people we believe will be left behind for the sake of our pets rather than putting our focus on praying and reaching out so that they will not be left behind at all!!!
How is that for a dispensationalist sister?? :)