Summer Plans

I love it when a good plan comes together.

Over the last year or so, I've been keeping my eyes open for engineering/technician/crew work on craigslist and other job posting websites. I've made a few good connections (and a few not-so-good) but I think I finally found a gig I'll really enjoy:

From July 1st-13th, I'm going to be taking photographs here:

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The Filchne-Ronne Ice shelf, on the Wedell sea at the bottom of the world.

Mostly we're going to be documenting the shift in melt patterns, but they've asked for someone who also has experience with Digital video production/post-production. My academic writing will also come in handy.

Alas, I have to get my own transportation down to Cape Horn; thankfully, I can afford to do some traveling around Chile and southern Argentina before the research boat leaves. (The "Peregrine Explorer;" apparently you can rent this boat privately for cruises! The medical clearance form is a lot more involved than the ones for most cruises...)

So, if anyone wants anything from Tierra Del Fuego or Chile, let me know... Also, I can bring back a bottle of melted Antarctic ice for anyone who wants one...


naomi said...

OK, I want to believe you, I honestly did believe you for a while. I was going to find out what it would take to go with you. I have a biology degree you know. Anyway, Happy April Fools to you too!

Jack said...

Heh, I knew I wouldn't get you for long!