Profession Anxiety

A friend sent me this link to an article on the state of academic employment in the US:

"I have dissertation friends with kids who just wind up being stay-at-home moms,” says a humanities PhD student and mother of two. “You wind up doing Plan B, whatever that is.” She’s applied for roughly 25 tenure-track positions, only to hear back that many of the searches have been canceled. One rejection notice said the position drew 700 applications.

“Every single academic, especially in the humanities, has a tinge of buyer’s remorse” about their PhD, she says. “You see your peers in law or business school make down payments on homes and buy cars and go on vacation. But as a PhD student, you’re in your 30s, still renting an apartment and driving a ’84 Corolla. It’s not cute.”"

His comment was "Education: the golden lifejacket"
Har har.
(In other news, I finally got around to dropping all my registrations for this term other than Latin... Time to clean out the darkroom and start writing again.)

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