POW Escape!

No, this isn't a post about you-know-what or you-know-who's concession speech (though I should note that he was very gracious and conciliatory.)

This post is about a cat.

Don't let the closed eyes fool you; he's still hunting. Cheetah can hear a mouse or an impertinent dog from a distance of 275 metres over open ground (distances vary in presence of foliage.) He can also smell fear.

Cheetah was last seen the night of October 3rd, heading out on what I can only assume to be a recon operation to check out the unusually high Owl activity in our area.

He didn't come back...

Not until this morning, that is. I never gave up hope.

The Owls are vicious captors, and I have no doubt that Cheetah is only alive today because they took so long to decide how they would torture him before taking his life and devouring him piece by piece. Cheetah never let his guard down, never let despair take hold, and when the moment was right he escaped stealthily into the night. (One might ask how a white-and-bright-orange cat can manage to be "stealthy"; I assure you that this is only one of Cheetah's many remarkable talents.)

Cheetah, you're the cat.


Kim said...

wow good escape, glad the cat is alright, score o for the owls and 1 for the cat.

Naomi said...

hahaha that's awesome. So what does his replacemt think of the original? Or did the replacement from Laura's that grandma wrote about get returned? Or did you not get told about the replacement and he actually looks so much like Cheetah that you thought it WAS cheetah?

Daniel Jackson said...

The "replacement" *is* Cheetah. (He must have hitched a ride to the Homestead in the truck or someone's car or something... after he escaped from the Owls.)