Kids These Days

Maybe it's something to do with waking up at 3:30 to build a stage downtown (day job, indeed...) but the special effects that tomorrow's Special Musical Guest (Sunday job, eh?) has chosen to apply to his electric guitar... they make his guitar sound like it's inside a wet paper bag filled with murdered kittens. Worse, every time he asks for me to change anything, it's "a little less on the high end, a little more of the lows..." So, basically he wants the guitar to sound like it's in a dark paper bag filled with murdered kittens.
And then he adds a distortion effect...

Yeah, working two different jobs on a Saturday is probably not the best way to expand my musical taste.


Shell-Bell said...

What exactly do murdered kittens sound like. I would think they would sound pretty quiet (considering they are already dead) ;)

Daniel Jackson said...

Well, the ex-kittens themselves don't make any sound, but filling a gigantic paper bag with them and playing the guitar inside of that (or recording the guitar and playing it back on a loudspeaker inside the bag) sounds like soggy, mushy, murderous crap.
Imagine that you have a headcold, sinus congestion, and bronchitis. Then imagine that you were singing in a tub full of jell-o with a blanket over your head. That's what it would sound like to apply the same effects to a vocal track.

I changed my mic technique this morning and it sounded a bit more like a guitar, but I still think the kids these days are one crayon short of a rainbow.
(Otherwise, the performance this morning was really great. They even showed up on time!)

Anonymous said...

inside with murdered kittens, that is a horrible image