When Pigs Flee

This seems to be a good week for missing animals. At home1 (Killam), one of the ferrets managed to squeeze her way out of captivity and hasn't been seen since. I've also heard that the horses have escaped a number of times due to a broken fence.

Up here at home2, I've had the opposite problem: mice are re-emerging from their wint'ry places of hiding. I can't figure out why they stay away in the winter, when it's warm inside and cold outside, but they do. And I can't leave food in the cupboard anymore.

Last, but certainly not least: one of Roger Waters' giant inflatable pigs escaped during a concert in Southern California. The pig eventually found its way back to earth, but not before being shredded by explosive decompression at high altitudes.
Poor piggy.

Waters' Pig as last seen, moments before his dramatic escape.

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