The Llama Song.

Burton Earny strikes again.
(You can't listen to it once. You just can't. You let it loop twice, and you're hooked. Even when you close the page, it's still looping in your head.)
Thankfully, I haven't memorized the lyrics... yet...


Shell-Bell said...

Dan, you need to get out of my head. I hadn't thought about the llama song in months. Then Thursday, I see a llama and think about the song. And now, you post it. What's up with that??????

Daniel Jackson said...

Were you thinking about it in church?
You know you're in trouble when you start imagining the worship team sing "here a llama there a llama..."
Coupled with the smell of fresh bread (and photographic densitometry, and motorcycle tires, and feeding the geese at Hawrelak park, and all of the other associated lovely things running around in my head), it's a wonder I even remembered to un-mute pastor Lorne's mic this morning.