Fire, Under the Sea

So I got a call-back from a local Audio/Video/Show production company on Thursday... and they'd like me to start as soon as possible.
So I'm working another bizarro-schedule event-production job this summer. Why do I like this industry so much? Is it the way everything falls into place when you least expect it and the show from hell turns into a big success? Is it the people, who come with every kind of personality imaginable and will never fail to show you that you really had no idea how weird life could get? Is it the nifty knobs and switches and blinking lights?

Maybe I like working until 1AM.

Maybe I'm just so sick of the colour of the carpet in the library that I'll do anything to get away from it. (Nice try, still have that spring course and summer project to finish...)

In the meantime: papers. (and springtime weather... And a motorcycle...)
(and more cookies???)

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