The systemic condition of guilt, pride, and fear working together for the establishment of an unchanging place of safety within human existence.

All of the soulish attributes of humanity are bound up in it: pride is our understanding of self, of personhood. When the self, or the understanding of self, is injured, pride is injured. When the injury is understood (whether rightly or falsely) to come from the person's own action, guilt attends in short order.

Guilt isn't something we like; but we rarely know how to deal with it. If I've made a mistake, what can I do to correct it? If I feel that I've made a mistake that has made me deserving of the injury, that's even worse. Sometimes, we don't even know what's going on, and just feel lost--which is a special kind of guilt.

Pride invites fear along because it makes guilt feel more like safety: rather than trying to do anything, or to re-think the guilt, or to ignore it and find a way out of the hole, fear keeps us where we are--Petrified.
We feel safer when we hide in the shade than we do in the wide-open field of decision making. We feel more secure when we've stop moving than we did when running into the brick wall of guilt.

Thus, misery. Sitting and waiting for something to change, all the while feeling the sting of whatever injury has driven us there, but totally incapable of doing anything to begin healing or even to escape from a snare that has captured us.

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