My Father, the Revolutionary

You may have heard that the price of wheat has skyrocketed recently due to shortages in the American "bread basket" (compounding problems that started last year in Australia.) You may even have heard that this increase in the price of wheat will be reflected in the cost of bread and other wheat-based goods.
What you probably haven't heard is that the Canada Grain Commission and various grain companies in Canada, working as agents of the Canadian Wheat Board (which has a monopoly on all buying and selling of wheat and barley in most of Canada), have been taking advantage of this situation by intentionally devaluing Canadian wheat.
Essentially, Canadian wheat is being graded by the grain commission and the grain companies as "feed grade" (~$5 per bushel), then exported and sold across the border at full price (up to $19 per bushel recently.)

So what does my Father do?
Well... I can't actually say, but it's something more than just complaining and something less than acts of terrorism.

Sometimes, I'm not sure whether I want to embrace my heritage or hide it. At times like these, there's really no question.
Go get 'em, Dad.

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Anonymous said...

My Uncle (God rest his soul) used to do the same thing. Stick it to the Man!
Comes the Revolution......

Prof. E.