So, I've been digging through my Hotmail inbox looking for mail to salvage before deleting the 207 unread messages, and there's really not much there that I'm at all interested in keeping. It's a bit sad, thinking of how long I've had this e-mail address, how many people I have in my contact list, and how horrible Hotmail seems in comparison to the almighty Gmail.
After using Gmail for three years, Hotmail has become that old car behind the shop: not really something you ever plan to drive again, but not really junky enough to sent to the wrecker.
Ahh, Hotmail. If it weren't for a few friends on MSN IM I would probably just delete that account...
There were, however, a few messages buried among all the spam and the messages forwarded from my old work account at King's.
Here's a neat link Edward sent me a while back--biblical scenes recreated with satellite imagery and digital manipulation. My favourite is definitely Moses parting the Red Sea:

Also from Edward's house of e-mail links, here's a video of Radiohead's New Year's Eve "concert":

Don't you wish you could be an international music sensation without a record company contract and just do crazy stuff like that without having to answer to anyone for it?
Note also Thom Yorke's judicious application of the EV RE-20 Microphone. Well known in the broadcast industry, it's big and heavy and meaty enough to record kick drums with. I love the way that mic sounds...

Since I've already posted a music video, I might as well post another. Michel Gondry's Be Kind, Rewind is out today, so here's one of the classic White Stripes videos he directed:

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