Resolution and Redemption

On the first day, e. was in E-town and we went to see Across the Universe at the cheap theater.
And we said that it was good.

And the first day was divided from the second day, and we called the hour of division "midnight," and we were still sitting in the house of Denny discussing Post-Modern narratives and film adaptations.
And lo, the ceiling tiles of the house of Denny were wrapped in colourful paper, (in an alternating pattern, as of a checker-board,) and we said that it was good.

And the server brought e. his cheesecake in a bowl, and e. said that it was an unusual way to serve cheesecake, but he said that it was good nonetheless.

And lo, I greatly desired a milkshake of chocolate, and the servants of the house of Denny produced the milkshake. And they were not out of ice cream, nor was the machine broken; neither were the servants of the house of Denny incompetent in the ways of the milkshake. And I said that it was good.
Thus the year was called into being with omens and mysterious signs; and lo the wind did blow from the southeast, and the world showed her face anew.

And we praised God for his goodness, and spake solemn oaths, and cast off weariness and doubt from the year that had passed.

And it was good.


Michelle said...

It can't be true, you couldn't have really gotten a milk shake, especially not from Denny's. Maybe this year will truly be a great year :D

Anonymous said...

and it was good. very good.