Eggnog Tips

The best eggnog in the city is Lucerne, from Safeway. (The full-strength, not the winter-weight "low fat" stuff. It's eggnog, for goodness' sake!)
If you want to take it up a notch, there's also the Safeway-select branded "Gourmet" eggnog that's extra-creamy. It's not as good on its own as the Lucerne, but if you make a 50/50 blend, you'll get just about the right mix of cream, milk, sugar, and other assorted coagulants.

Whatever you do, don't buy the Beatrice cartons from Superstore. They're cheap, but they're nasty. It's like drinking watered-down pancake mix, or something.

Also, watch for expiration dates. I was tricked by a Save-On-Foods once... Old eggnog is not something you'll want to taste more than once.


Anonymous said...

and yet the burning question for me is: how well does it go with bailey's irish creme?


Daniel Jackson said...

Bailey's is a waste of time and money.
For the same price (sometimes less) you can get a bottle of Jameson. (Bushmill's or Black Bush are suitable alternatives.) Then use your own cream and sugar, and make four times the amount of Irish Cream.

If you never have fresh cream around, Bailey's makes a bit of sense, since it has preservatives to keep things for a while.

In eggnog, adding the cream & sugar from Bailey's to the cream and sugar of the 'nog is just a bit silly, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Rum is the traditional additive, in any case, but your mileage may vary by recipe.