This Too Shall Pass

Last week was the most insane week of my entire life. I say that every year during the IS conference at King's, but this year it was even more insane, because I was attending my MA classes at the University of Alberta at the same time.
And then I got a cold....
And then my knee started going while I was setting up the PA system in the gym...
And then I neglected to study my grammar homework and actually failed one of the quizzes on Thursday evening.
That was the kicker.
I've never failed a quiz in University before.

In the midst of all this insanity, there's one thing that I always come back to:
God is good, and he'll take care of me.
I wish I had a more profound reflection to share, or even a scripture reference or a quote, but that's all I've got.
God is good, and he'll take care of me.


Carol said...

Indeed, Daniel, God will take care of you, but I do not think that care extends to helping you pass quizzes that YOU HAVE NOT PREPARED!!! What were you thinking???
Ancient Arabic proverb: Trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Get it?

naomi said...

Was IS really worth it? I mean, I think everyone should fail something at sometime to put a little motivation into studying... and all the better to happen earlier in the term. I just wonder what you are still doing working at King's when it's so inconvenient to get back & forth and you have the grant money to get you through. Although I guess it took a couple terms at UofA to wean me off too, so who am I to talk?

Daniel Jackson said...

Sister, you're the last person who could ever make me feel guilty about working a few days to help out my friends at King's doing something I'm good at.
Thanks for the kick in the butt, though. (Both of you.)
[/feels the love]