Comfortably Medicated.

So I went to the doctor, and it went something like this:

Is this your first visit?
Please fill out this form,
Sit there and wait for us to call."

"Oh, wait,
we'll need a copy of your government insurance,
there's more paperwork to fill,
if you've got some time to kill."

Forty minutes later, and I'm still waiting,
nothing to read except Chatelaine,
I really wish I had my laptop...
Maybe I should go out to the car and get it?
Why bother, the battery's almost dead.
It's not like there's wifi in here.
Now I've got that feeling once again,
like all my friends, they do not understand,
this is a waste of my time.
I have become cynical about seeing the doctor.

the doctor's gonna see you now"
more waiting in an empty room,
it's been an hour and I'm bored.

"So what's the trouble, man?
Oh, that arm looks infected. bad.
the venom should stay in the hand,
but swelling's traveling.

Just a strong antibiotic, make sure you finish it.
And if the infection spreads, go to hospital."
I should have known this would happen.
His lips moved, but I could hardly believe what he was saying.
When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse,
of someone using an epi-pen,
it looked cool, but I'm not allergic,
It seems all my dreams and hopes to get one
are done and gone, just more stupid pills.
I have become cynical about antibiotics.

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