Hurray! More Entertaining Spam!

I like airships, so I thought this one was worth noting.

Vision Airships Global Expansion!

BANGKOK, THAILAND, Jul 09, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Vision
Airships Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VPSN) -- The company wishes to announce that
it has finalized arrangements for funding for its global expansion.

Vision Airships is set to become a worldwide operator of blimps used for advertising around the world. As the advertising market gets more crowded in conventional mediums -- the use of alternative forms of advertising is gaining more and more traction -- this is where Vision Airships comes in and supplies the end to end solution to major advertisers worldwide with its unique form of alternative displays. The size of the market worldwide will support 24 airships which would bring in approximately $400,000,000 annually.

Check out the news and get on VPSN first thing Wednesday!
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I have no idea what client-side validation applets and mashup portlets (???) have to do with dirigibles, but I was amused nonetheless.
Hurray for totally random spam!
(I wonder if this will increase the number of search-engine hits I get...)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that wasn't spam... that was the latest version of the script I was working on. I'll be more careful with subject lines in the future.


Daniel Jackson said...

LOL- I should have known.
You and your dirigibles...

Rus said...

I know, I'm incorrigible.