Existentialism at Eleven

Last weekend my uncle, aunt and youngest cousin Ben came to the city for a wedding. My uncle is a pilot on the east coast of Vancouver Island, so we don't get to see them very much (though Ben's oldest sister Heather is coming to live here in a few weeks, and starting at King's in September).
Ben likes to talk. Naturally, we get along pretty well. Ben will talk about almost anything; last time he was here (quite a few years ago) he was showing me the different shades of greenish brown he could make by mixing different colours of gumballs.
This time, our conversations were more philosophical than aesthetic:


Naomi said...

Way to go Ben!

mle said...

I think I'm with Ben on this one.

Michelle said...

Dan, you are the only one I know that has conversations like THAT with 10-12 year olds :)