Anarchy and Homeschooling

I've been back and forth between Home 1 and Home 2 (Killam and Sherwood Park) delivering chemical and transferring machinery of various forms. I've also been "tutoring" my little sister while Mom's busy with end-of-year book-keeping.

On the fridge at home, there are two signs: One, a computer print-out (complete with with the dreaded clip-art) says

If You take a pop can... then when you finish drinking it you must squish it until it is very small. Otherwise, don't drink any. Thank you.

Beside it, there is a hand-drawn sign with conflicting instructions:
Every time you squish a pop can,
a kitten dies of rabies.
think of the kittens.

The second sign is decorated with some very interesting artwork; mostly depictions of deceased kittens.
(My little sister is well known for her interesting artwork.)

I still don't know what to think about this turn of events.
All I know is, I was never that subversive or artistic when I was 13. All I ever wanted was to read books, make knives, and get the girls from Sunday school to like me. (I suppose the mutual exclusivity of those three hopes says a lot about my adolescent years.)

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Naomi said...

I just about died of laughter reading that. I knew our family was weird, but this is entering the realm of eccentric!

But I guess even the fact that I found it so hilarious means I am not far behind...