Sunday Petitions

There has been too much happiness and harmony on this 'blog lately. Not nearly enough complaining.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people play with the colour calibration on displays. I have been known to "tweak" things myself, but when it comes to the main display of an auditorium projection system, I know to leave things well enough alone.
There's one person in particular who I'm thinking of. It seems that every week, he's changing the colour balance one way or another to "fix" the way his presentation looks on the screen.
If a display has ever been calibrated, then leave it calibrated! If it hasn't been calibrated, leave it alone! Here's the important part: if your presentation, your video, or your slideshow look "off," change the colour balance on your own laptop first! Pick a standard image to compare everything else against: if your presentation doesn't look right on your own display, fix it there first!
The most you should ever do with a projector's colour calibration is to reset it (back to factory default.)

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