A Day of Victory

Today, I have vanquished:

  • Audio driver conflicts and cooling fan issues on my Digital Audio Workstation
  • An over-stretched spring on the speaker covers at church
  • The cramped storage space in my sister's VW Golf (we fit all of her stuff in!)
  • My inability to find sensible, durable, economical brown dress shoes (at MWW for 60% off!)
  • The Dishwasher/drain problem (somehow a table knife worked into the p-trap of the kitchen sink...)
  • My fear of Ferrets (Jetta attacked my foot and I didn't even flinch! I also discovered that she's afraid of my big hat.)
  • My U of A parking ticket. (Well, okay, I submitted the appeal online. If they don't want motorcycles parked in otherwise-perfectly-reasonable places, they should have signs!)
Now, to conquer the final challenge of the day: the late-night snack!

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