Good news, bad news, insanity continues.

So, I'm probably doing that MA after all.
Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Z, I've had some favorable responses to inquiries about post-deadline application; I've also found another place that's open until the 15th of May.

On the bad-news side of things, one of my other English Professors will be on leave for the rest of the semester (that's right, the entire week that's left...) This is unsettling because of how much we all love our dear Dr., but also because it means we'll never see those outlines that we were supposed to discuss and our essays will be going to a different professor instead.

This is a bad year for change. I can't say that all the change has been bad, but most of it has been totally unexpected. Church, school, family and friends...

Yeah, it's definitely time for graduation.

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