On Being Tricky

This week A. (the clerical assistant for Conference Services) remade the inserts for hotel stay check-in packages. Before, all the information about building hours, rules, check-out procedures etc. were on one sheet of white paper. Now, each piece of info is on a different piece of small, coloured paper.

Our theory is that, since people don't actually want to read all of that boring information that they'll need to know, they would never actually read a piece of paper that looks like it has boring information on it. 8.5x11" white paper with 12pt. fonts just screams "This is boring information! Do not read this text unless you want to fall asleep!"

With the new mini-sheets, the people looking at their key package will be deceived. Pink, blue, green paper that is only 2x3" looks like it might be interesting! People will check, just to make sure they're not missing out on something.

Thankfully, A. didn't go through with the whole idea of changing the font to comic sans to make things look more "fun."

So, what do you think? Does Times New Roman make you groggy? Does white paper kill your coffee buzz? Is a full page of info enough to knock out an elephant?

Is 12pt .TNR on white 8.5x11" elementally boring?
Comic sans is just plain evil, Never do this again.
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