This morning, I came to school early and sat in the coffee shop making a team website.
For some reason, got bored of that and I started reading the copy of Geez sitting on the coffee table in front of me.
After five minutes of "Evangelicals are mindless drones of individualized consumerism" (I'm not sure if that's intentionally ironic or critically serious...) and essays on why Weight Watchers is more Christlike than Tuesday morning bible study, I felt like writing a 'blog entry.

Geez is a magazine for the people in North America who don't understand the Church and don't want to be bothered trying. The articles have the same style and rhetoric as I was a Communist for the FBI. Articles on "exploring the spiritual possibilities of other faiths" are, naturally, open-minded and non-judgmental.

Have you ever actually heard anyone in a church say "pray harder, smile wider, sing louder"? Certainly there are times when charismatics ask each other why we're so ambivalent and disconnected, but that's not because we think singing is the reason for church. No, Church is the reason for singing.
If you don't sing in church, you should probably stop yourself and ask why.

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