Imposing on my Readership for a Good Cause

I've signed up as a part of The Panda Kings, (No, I didn't pick the team name...) along with Ryan and Michelle Hall and Kim Verbeek, to participate in the the annual "Mission in the Mall" fundraising competition. Most of the people who read my 'blog probably know Ryan, Michelle and Kim, but for those of you who don't I'll just say that the four of us make a dangerous team. The trials will test our minds and endurance, and the bonds of our friendship will be stretched to the limit, but we're up to the challenge. After all, we're the team that's won at Cranium almost every time I can think of, and Michelle hasn't ever really tried to kill me...

On that note, I should probably go back to my training program (logic puzzles for one hour, anagrams and sudoku until I can't see straight, and five reps of the intense walk over to the fridge in order to keep in tip-top physical condition.)

If only there were a Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit competition I could raise pledges for... I can beat anyone at LOTRTP.

Enough boasting:
here's my personal profile and donation page.

No pressure or anything. It's only a fund raiser for a totally legitimate and noble cause, the aid and care of those members of our community who have developmental disabilities. Your donation could very well be the difference between human dignity and a life of hopelessness, but don't let that bother you if you don't want to be generous.
(Did I mention the tax-deduction? I'll send a receipt that you can use to deduct the full amount of your donation from income tax...)

(Did I also mention that if you don't want to donate online you can give me cheques, cash and money orders in person?)


Michelle said...

Dan, I promise I won't try and kill you. And no I have never REALLY wanted to kill you. ;)

Irene said...

Wow - online donations page thing - you're quite high tech!