What week is this?

Apparently, there's only part of a week left before February.

Okay, make that one day.

(I suppose it's really less than a day, since today is the last day in January.)

I really have no idea why I'm typing instead of sleeping right now, except that I should be reading about Heidegger, and 'blogging is much easier to stay awake to than reading about Heidegger.

In other news, I found an iron-gray hair yesterday.
No, not on my pillow. (That's just sick!)
It's on my head. Growing from my scalp.

What's scary is how long it's been growing. I don't know what my personal average rate of growth is (it's been a while since I checked) but it should be around half an inch per month. This hair is around three inches, so I probably started growing it in Oxford.
That makes a lot of sense, actually.


Anonymous said...

wow, a gray hair you are getting old

Daniel Jackson said...

I am old now, but I can only wish that the grayness were from age...

Naomi said...

Yes, school = stress
But I didn't think your hair looked 3" long