From Laurene Chickering

I got a very interesting piece of spam today.

From: Laurene Chickering
Re: my redherrin
Mission complete. Alien artifact returned. Antidote for me on its way
we were alone. Madonette was holding my hand. Which she dropped with
side tall windows opened onto wide balconies. And all of this done in
twisted away among the trees. He didnt notice that Fido, legs folded,
Blue world -
Im not happy about the way this operation is going, I said
smooth, combed my hair and tried not to scowl at myself in the mirror.
I regret that all the facts were not supplied to you at the time.
was the gentlemen-at some physical cost I must add-who polished off
What musicians?
Grrr! it growled and retracted its legs, then zipped off at a great

I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't even read spam, normally, but with gmail it's safe enough to take a peek. This one had a very provocative title, and the first lines really caught my eye.

Does that mean that the spammers have won? What has really been accomplished here? There's no product being advertised, although there was an image embedded in the message that didn't display; maybe that was the point.
Even if I did see the image, though, I'm not sure who would actually want to advertise through spam like this. Does someone really think I'm going to buy a product advertised in the middle of this puddle of verbiage?

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Naomi said...

That is awesome! I seriously think you stumbled on some kind of code, maybe even terrorist activity. Because, of course, it's all about the terrorists these days.