The professors here at TKUC participate in the food bank turkey drive each year. There's a bit of a competition going on between the different departments: Social Sciences (captained by Gary Spaling, also the new VP Academic), Natural Sciences (following the vision of Astrophysicist Brian Martin) and of course the Humanities (Under the tutelage of our own professor of English Literature, the vivacious Dr. Arlette Zinck.)
Dr. Kloppers just sent an e-mail asking what all the fuss was about. Apparently the Music department isn't a very competitive place.
The registry just sent out a request for bribes: whoever submits the most final grades the soonest will get the registry turkeys.
The Library is claiming neutrality, but it's inevitable that they'll side with the humanities.

Dr. Zinck has been condemning a Nat.Sci. plot to genetically engineer and clone the turkeys, but I'm not entirely sure that her claims are anything but a psychological attack. (Wait, which department are the Psychos with?)

All this goes to show: there's a lot of stuff that goes on in University mailrooms and departmental meetings that you just don't know about as a student. I'm only in on this because they gave me a staff e-mail account this summer; 30 messages a day, all about turkeys.

In other news, a Psycho Prof. who shall remain nameless hinted that I've got the SSHRC grant nomination. Either she's getting back at me for not taking "Brain and Behaviour" last semester, or the admin people (and Dr. Zinck) haven't been telling me everything.

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