GRE + Pizza

I'm house/cat sitting for Ryan and Michelle this week, so I decided to take advantage of the quiet and not-home surroundings to make studying more efficient. (I'm taking the GRE on Friday morning after putting it off for far too long.)

I decided that the most effective way to memorize all of those dumb algebra/geometry rules I haven't used since high school would be to bake pizza at the same time. I stopped at Safeway on the way in and stocked up on ingredients.

Mmmmmm... Deluxe...
(Yes, the fresh oregano was worth the expense.)

My favourite part is always reducing the sauce.
I didn't puree the tomatoes, but the skin doesn't bother me.
1:2 seems about right ratio for cloves of garlic : tomatoes.

The first experiment fell victim to the quadratic equation
(proving once and for all that algebra is indeed a malicious force.)
At 3AM, and after all that waiting, it was still amazing.

More careful with the broiler this time...

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pie?
Sometimes I wonder if cooking isn't better than any other creative endeavour, in that most artists go hungry, but cooking gives you all the food you could possibly want.

Studying=memorization=fake beer only.
It didn't totally ruin the taste of the pizza, but I'm glad I didn't buy a whole case.
Time to make coffee...
*Argh!* Ryan and Michelle don't drink coffee! Not even instant!
Bagged tea it is...

After a late night attacking Christmas tree ornaments,
Sora takes a mid-afternoon snooze listening to "Oye Como Va."

At this point, I've spent a lot more time kneading/washing/chopping/stirring/watching impatiently/setting up for pictures than I have studying for the GRE.
Oh well. At least this time I got pizza out of it.


Anonymous said...

You Idiot; some how, I'm not surprised a whit....

Daniel Jackson said...

Ooooh, mysterious and derisive!
Must be M~J!

Anonymous said...

the end result of the pizza looks great.