Edmonton- the best place on Earth

Perhaps you think I'm exaggerating slightly when I say that Edmonton is the best place in the world. Perhaps you'd be right. Then again, the Canadian Government announced today that the "other city from Alberta" is a 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada.
I heard about this on the news this afternoon, and I got all excited. Finally, someone was recognizing the significance of my city. We beat out Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, all those "big" cities. We've got a different festival every week in the summer, and a thriving theatre community, and a great symphony with an amazing performance hall, so it made sense that the minister of Heritage would want to let everyone else know.
Then I read the actual news release. Edmonton is one "cultural capital" among many.

Comox Valley, British Columbia; Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec; and the Huron-Wendat Nation of Wendake, Quebec, have also been named Cultural Capitals for 2007

We're in the same cultural category as Moose Jaw?
That's more of an insult than an honour. Sure, we're only a city of ~1 million, but we've got arts and culture to beat the band!

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