My Sister

Last night we had a masquerade party at the church.

I didn't even realize that the well-dressed young woman sitting across from me was Naomi until she started talking to Arlene (one of the hostesses.) Yikes. In my defense, the whole point of the masque is to confuse people, but I was more thrown off by the done-up hair than anything. Naomi never gets dressed up. She also has even more work to get done than I do. She hates parties in general, too, not just black-tie-required parties.
I had to get a picture as evidence:
Me made the masks ourselves! Aren't we clever?

I took this candid shot to annoy her. I also needed evidence that it was actually my sister (with that mask, the person in that other picture could have been anyone!)
We didn't win at "Life-Sized Clue," but we did get to be Professor Plum, so it wasn't a total loss.
Naomi and I agreed that the pipe was definitely steel, not lead.
Thanks for being sociable, big sister. Now back to work! Don't you have to go write a report on the handwashing practices of medical school students at non-accredited universities or something?
(Odds are nine in ten that she'll never read this anyway. Oh well.)

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