Bussing at the NY Times

In lieu of the Tuesday video, here's something completely different.
I ran across this story at a printer in the computer lab today.
Newspaper journalism is really weird.
Basically, the article is about the use of international newswire stories related to bus crashes in short filler articles. From the article:

Everybody claims to have a cure for what ails the modern newspaper: more color, better printing, better graphics, more attitude in reporting, less attitude in reporting, more local coverage, punchier articles, and on and on. Am I the only one who finds the layouts of today's newspapers to be too symmetrical, too sterile, and too predictable? I won't pretend it's a magic potion, but if I ran a daily, I'd fleck it with random news-wire shorts: freighter sinkings, strange statistics, diplomatic postings, "News of the Weird"-type reports, industrial accidents, animal facts, and, yes, bus plunges. Lots of bus plunges.
It seems that every week I'm discovering more and more ways that medium influences content. It's almost as though McLuhan is standing here, pointing his finger at me and mocking the naieve disbelief I used to have. Okay Marshall, I get it now. The medium is important. Can I please have my sense of journalistic reality back? No?

Anyway, I figured that at least one of my readers would be interested in stories about bus-plunges.

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