Advanced Monday Poll: Procrastination Peril

(Hooray for wireless networking in the sound booth!)

I’ve been wasting too much time on the Internet, I think. Thus, I must abstain from writing long ‘blog posts. I won’t abstain from ‘blogging completely; I’ll simply make it less time-consuming by assuming a persona and posting quotes instead of rants or theoretical/theatrical expositions.

So, which persona should I choose?

The most votes before Tuesday at noon will decide the fate of this ‘blog for the near future!


Anton The Russian Security Guard says this coat and hat combination makes me look like the infamous Marxist-Zombie guy. I realize that Vladimir is not very quotable right now, preserved in that undead state and without a brain for so long, but he said some interesting things before they turned him into a mummy. (Wait, he is a zombie in real life, right...?)

Jack Kerouac

Who wouldn’t want to read quotes from an alcohol-benzedrine-caffeine influenced beatnik who wrote his first “book” on a roll of toilet paper?

The Professor

There are too many quotable professors to choose from, so I’ll lump them all into one group. All the usual suspects (and potentially some surprises…)

Okay, the poll is closed now.

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