Monday poll: Hair!

The celibate lifestyle gives so many opportunities.
For example, I've stopped shaving the chin hair. Nobody has told me to stop.
Amazing. Freedom at last.
But where do I go from here?

(In order of difficulty)

Søren Kierkegaard? (A reversion to the clean-shaven state, but it is dapper and likeable...)

Gendo Ikari? (Abe Lincoln without the bushyness.)

Friedrich Nietzsche? (the “protruding upper jaw” look is characteristic of de übermensch. That, or the moustache is a physiological manifestation of whatever drives him to use all those hyphens.)

Charles Dickens? (refined, with a Victorian sensibility.)

Faithful readers, what is your verdict?

Which beard/hairstyle is best suited to the proto-agonist?
"Danish Existential" (Søren Kierkegaard)
"Maniacal Otaku" / "Militaristic Abe Lincoln" (Gendo Ikari)
"überstache" (Friedrich Nietzsche)
"I get paid by the word, so I can do whatever I want with this hair!" (Charles John Huffam Dickens)
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On that note, it seems strange to me that so many of our politicians have been clean-shaven.

Canadian Prime Ministers are all smoothies, except for Mackenzie's crazy chin-beard and Borden's moustache.

American Presidents have an edge because there are more of them, but the whiskers are still rare, except around the late 19th/early 20th century when they had 7 in a row. They've also got Chester A. Arthur.

Editorial note: Don't worry folks, I'm not crazy enough to try this.
Then again, if I did get to the U of T, I would need something to segregate myself from all of those Toronto people...


Anonymous said...

I think you could pull off the Gendo Ikari look.

Rus said...

"There's no good answer to a stupid question." -- Russian saying

"Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer." -- American saying

"The 'silly' question is the first intimation of some totally new development." -- Alfred North Whitehead

"When we have arrived at the question, the answer is already near." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daniel Jackson said...

Wow, I inspired an MLE post.

I wonder which she voted for?

Anonymous, who are you and why do you know anything about NGE? I didn't think I had such a cultured readership!

The real question is, if I've already got the Ikari/Lincoln "chinstrap" thing going on, do the preliminary poll results indicate a general disdain for my current style?
Not that I care, or anything. I'm doing this all for strictly personal reasons. Nothing you people say will really influence my decision--it's more of a relational thing, a game we can play. Yes, that's it, a game...

Rus, point taken. [I think.]