Someone just took my childhood out behind the shed...

The Transformers movie started out as a good idea: just make a cool movie with lots of robots and explosions. Even Michael Bay shouldn't be able to screw that up.
The screenwriters showed a wee bit of potential. Nothing outrageously embarrasing in the profiles, and they've worked with Bay before, so there should be some kind of professional resonance here.

Then they went and made Prime into a Peterbilt.

This is what Prime should look like:
This is Prime in truck&trailer mode:
This is nothing like Optimus Prime:

And this is just ugly:I might be able to live with the different cab design, but why did it have to have flames?

Edit: Great Ceasar's ghost, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MEGATRON?!?

The Lego Star Wars video game people are trying out a Batman game.

Some things belong together, like eggs and cheese.
Sometimes you can add other things into a mix and get something even better- take eggs, cheese and tomatoes, for example. Eggs and cheese are good, cheese and tomato is good, so all three should be very tasty together.
Sometimes you have to experiment, though, to find a really amazing combination: Eggs, cheese and salsa.
Sometimes, the experiment is a failure: Eggs, blue cheese, and extra-hot salsa is disgusting.

Here's hoping that a Lego videogame about Batman will be like a cheddar omlette with salsa and onions on the side.

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