Willpower... Failing...

I lost my Buck Crosslock again this summer. I hate it when that happens; it's a discontinued design so I can't just go buy another one. Even if I could, it wouldn't be mirror-polished or honed to a precision edge like mine was; I'd have to get more bronze-phosphor washers as well.
I can't even find a picture of the old design. All the ones they sell now have ugly coloured inserts.
I've almost given up hope of ever finding it. I wish I could remember when it went missing.

Yesterday I saw a new knife in House of Knives. It was only $33. (Plus the stupid Provincial Sales Tax they have here in B.C., & GST...)

Everyone, let me introduce you to the Buck Nobleman.
It's only 440A stainless, and the solid (heavy) scales make it a bit unbalanced. The clip will also begin destroying my trouser pockets again, something I thought I might avoid in the bittersweet future without an EDC.
It's worth it, though. The full hollow-grind is beautiful. The choil is expertly placed for choking up on the blade, and the edge is at a perfect angle. (it shaves arm and leg hair right out of the box.) The texturized area around the pivot pin is not only symmetrical with shape of the ricasso area of the blade (symmetry is my favourite design element in knives,) it also work as a nail-file. The blade profile is almost ideal: enough belly for slicing onions, with a tip that's still nicely acute.

I feel like I'm in love for the first time all over again...
Must... resist... expensive and time-consuming cusomization work...

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