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Emily the shorter said...

The all-nighter at Heathrow was good, as far as all-nighters in airports go. We arrived at 11PM and slept in shifts of four hours on a comfy Starbucks booth. There was an odd guy who I think had Turrets, but he disappeared after a couple hours. We checked in, ate breakfast, shopped, and talked with others from our flight. How was the wait for you?

Daniel Jackson said...

Ahh, the starbucks booth. Air Canada wouldn't let me check into the departures lounge until 5AM, so I was in the arrivals lounge most of the night with a guy and his five whiny kids. Maybe they were normal kids in other environments, but all night in the terminal they would go off like cascading chemical reactions or car alarms: all it takes is one of them, and the whole place erupts in that gut-wrenching sound of children having tantrums. The local-attractions-pamphlet rack was vandalized many times over by wave after wave of carpet-crawlers, bless their little souls.