Monday Poll: Chocolate!

Let's make this one simple:

Which Chocolate is the most special to you?
White (a.k.a. fake and yucky...)
Cocoa Beans fresh off the tree
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Think about the best chocolate you've ever had. Which of these is it closest to?
If you're feeling especially participatory, you can even leave a quick comment about that chocolate.
Me? I was looking through the multifarious items in the corner of the cabin, and I found some chocolate.
A Cadbury Creme Egg, to be specific.

I don't really like Cream Eggs.
Liquid sugar inside mediocre chocolate... with just a tinge of aluminium foil... hmmm...
To make things even more interesting, this egg was purchased on Easter weekend at the latest. That's the only time I've ever purchased these things. (Just because I don't like them doesn't mean I won't use them for bribery...)
I just finished another concert here at King's, and I'm hungry. I put this egg in my bookbag when I found it, intending to find something to do with it. Now that I'm here...
[to be continued]


Rus said...

In past years I have been known to obsess over white chocolate. When I taught school, I would send students out at lunch hour to scour the local confectionary for white chocolate. At Swiss Chalet, I would pull rank on the Lindor holiday special, and make everyone trade me their white chocolate. And I was especially fond of the Toblerone white chocolate.

But then something happened... I read the ingredients and realized that I had been duped all these years. White chocolate is a fraud, a marketing concoction, a witches brew of sugars and vanilla. My passion was based on a lie!

The outrage I felt still haunts me. How dare they trick me into thinking there really was an elusive albino cocoa bean. I always suspected that the rarity of the bean was directly proportional to the high prices I was shelling out for my "China White" addiction.

Shattered and reeling, I had to reevaluate everything I had come to know. I briefly toyed with the idea of summarily judging everything I didn't know, but stopped short of such lunacy. Instead I began reaching out, like a blind man exploring the floor of a cave, searching for authenticity.

I found what I was looking for: Lindor 85% Cocoa. Yes, I turned to the hard stuff. Dark chocolate so bitter that it brings your blood sugar down. With each bite I can feel my heart rate falling as I approach a hypoglycemic state.

I could never be satiated with white chocolate, but my craving for dark chocolate is satisfied with only two or three squares.

Looking back, I never would have believed that there could be anything better than white chocolate. How little I knew about how wrong I could be. Now, I use this experience to boldly forage ahead into an unknown future; confident that the universe has yet to show me its treasures.

Kim said...


I love milk chocolate, especially the milk chocolate from Purdys. I love their cholcoate, it just melts in your mouth.